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how we support veterans

Mobil Cigar Lounge
Black Washed Wall

the mobile cigar lounge

"In 2019, Arms 2 Artisans funded my education as a cigar roller.  Today, the Mobile Cigar Lounge serves over 400 events a year, employs more than 50 Veterans and First Responders and has donated more than $50,000 to local non-profits.  Thank you Arms 2 Artisans. You changed my life!"

- Joey Mac Dizon (USMC)

Founder & Chief Smoking Officer

My conversation with Joey about his needs as a Veteran artisan changed the entire trajectory of the Arms 2 Artisans mission.  The Mobile Cigar Lounge was still a young business and Joey was trying to scrape together funds so that he could attend a cigar rolling school.  Joey’s intent extended beyond his own education, he wanted to enhance his abilities so that he could train and employ other Veterans as well.  I’m happy that A2A was able to assist Joey and The Mobile Cigar Lounge in their growth, enabling them to employ dozens of Veterans.

Joey Mac Dizon, founder of The Mobile Cigar Lounge, holding tobacco leaves
The Mobile Cigar Lounge logo
Joe Zoleta, founder of Black 6 Coffee
black six coffee logo
Black Washed Wall

black 6 coffee

“It’s that short amount of time I take for myself to silence the rest of the world to focus on this cup of coffee I’m about to make. There’s peace in making it.  I’m thankful to Arms 2 Artisans for helping me continue to hone that art.”

– Joe Zoleta (USMC), Founder & CEO

I have worked with Joe at Black 6 Coffee for years and one of the things that has always impressed me is the amount of compassion he has for others.  Black 6 Coffee is more than just a coffee company; they also fund amazing humanitarian work that is done by their non-profit the Black 6 Project.  A2A is proud to assist Black 6 Coffee with their needs as Veteran artisans because we know that assistance goes beyond business, it has a global impact.  The first time we assisted Joe, was to send him to an advanced barista course.  It’s always a fantastic experience when you see Joe interacting with customers at events, you can see the passion in every cup Joe pours.

Black Six Coffee
Black Washed Wall

dead reckoning collective

Dead Reckoning Collective is filling a unique need in the Veteran community.  Keith and Tyler are encouraging and facilitating the ability of Veterans to express themselves through the written word.  I believe this is an invaluable asset to Veterans, including myself.  I have always been an avid writer and the work of DRC has encouraged me to dig in and write more over the years, which has proven to be amazingly cathartic.  Arms 2 Artisans is beyond honored to sponsor a multi-day Veteran Writers Workshop Retreat in partnership with DRC, which will serve as an event where aspiring writers can connect with each other, as well has hone their writing abilities.  I’m looking forward to Arms 2 Artisans supporting events like this for many years to come.

Dead Reckoning founders, Keith and Tyler
Dead Reckoning logo
Dead Reckoning
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